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Take a basic block form, turn it into a three dimensional, 24 piece puzzle. Now try to assemble it. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

This is one challenging puzzle that can take hours to complete. Constructed of beautiful laminated colored wood, each puzzle is hand-cut differently. No two are exactly the same. Since each one is unique, there are no instructions included. In other words, no cheating allowed! All you know is that the final form is a simple 3-dimensional rectangle. Oh, and did we mention that it comes already disassembled? Cruel, I know.

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Took a little bit of time to arrive, but it is a handmade item so that's understandable. It was a little different than what I expected (nothing bad, I'm very pleased, just want to offer more details for any other buyers): arrived in a mason jar, not a box as pictured. The listing says 18 piece puzzle but I counted ~32 pieces (I'm pleased that the puzzle is even more complex). I thought the pieces in the picture looked shiny, like they had been lacquered, but the pieces I received had no coating/shine (still the beautiful layered woods). It did arrive disassembled (as listed) so no idea what it looks like when complete, I'll leave that mystery to the giftee! Thank you for the unique and beautiful gift, I'll be back for any other puzzle needs!

Fast shipping, very unique puzzles.Workmanship is incredible, highly recommend!!!!

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